I can do this! How hard can it be to sell a home? I’ll just put a sign in the front yard and the Buyers will come. Oh, and I’ll advertise on the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) site. There will be lines up the driveway, I’m sure! And, a BIG “And”…I won’t have to pay that gosh awful Real Estate commission at all. Love the idea of selling a home by myself! I can do this.

This is exactly what Ivy and Matthew hadDo FSBO work when selling a home? thought – both successful business people having careers of their own that affords them the luxury lifestyle. However, Matthew, feels that with his intellect and vast business experience that he’ll be able to take care of selling their home. They want to build their own custom dream home that they’ve always dreamed of and can now afford.

Sometimes it’s the smartest people that think they’re fully capable of selling a home themselves. Like mentioned above, plop a sign in the yard and they will come.

Overwhelmed with all the needed know-how to sell a home, Ivy and Matthew, discovered a whole new appreciation for Real Estate Agents.

How does this strategy fail?

Are you a Real Estate expert? No matter the homeowner’s intellect, selling homes requires certain traits, skill sets and experience to have success at selling homes. Homeowners who are not skilled as a Real Estate Agent, will not have the ability to sell their home for the most money for a number of reasons.

They don’t know the ins and outs of the local market, what Buyers look for in a home, how their home compares to recently sold homes, how would adjustments be made when comparing their home to a nearby sold neighbor’s home, would they be able to recoup 100% of the recent remodeled rooms, how do they price their home for sale setting aside their emotional attachment, how do you write a Real Estate contract and do they understand all the terms, what should they be looking for in a Buyer’s offer, can the Buyer afford their home and how would they know … I could go on and on.

Historically, homes sold by owners who are not skilled, licensed Real Estate Agents will have a hard time achieving the end goal of selling their home for the most money. It’s just a fact.